Lucan Health & Recreation Expo

February 21st, promises to be a big day for Lucan as the Lucan Health and Recreation Expo launches! Shining Mountain Dojo Instructors and Students will be there ... come see the demonstrations! Let the Co-Execs, Rob Mitchell OCT/PTS and Lina Marie Phillips PTS share the news! For more details, click HERE  

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Testimonial – recent student

“Having never been involved in any form of martial art training, the Shining Mountain Dojo’s (SMD) Ju Jutsu program was completely new territory for me. Fortunately, what first seemed like a great opportunity to learn something new developed into an excitement I found myself looking forward to from week to week. Even as a beginner [...]

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Thank you for giving to the London Food Bank

Shining Mountain Dojo Canada BMS Fitness Centre would like to thank all of those who attended, participated, and contributed to our special free events on Saturday December 6 at the BMS Fitness Centre to collect non perishable food items for the London Food Bank.  BMS Fitness and Shining Mountain Dojo collected a total of 140 [...]

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BMS Fitness hosts FREE seminars for London Food Bank

Support your community and learn Self Defense Bring one or more non perishable food items and train for FREE! Shining Mountain Dojo Canada is proud to provide FREE Self Defense courses in the London area to collect items for the London Food Bank.  The demand is high this time of year, so bring one or [...]

BMS Fitness hosts FREE seminars for London Food Bank2014-11-28T16:44:49-04:00

Fitness 101 – Fanshawe College

On November 27, 2014, SMD Canada offered a free Self Defense course for Fanshawe College at Fitness 101 facility. Check out the news article from the Campus newspaper INTERROBANG Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the London Food Bank.  You donated a whole tote of food items weighing 61 pounds!

Fitness 101 – Fanshawe College2017-02-11T12:24:44-04:00