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Hakko Denshin Ryu Ju Jutsu

Hakko Denshin Ryu Ju Jutsu (“The Spirit of the Eighth Light School of the Art of Gentleness”) is a martial art specializing in the use of wrist-locks and pressure points. It is regarded as a self-defense for refined humanitarians. The origins of the art can be traced to 8th century Japan, where a similar form of Ju Jutsu was being practiced among the Samurai Warriors.

Mission Statement

Shining Mountain Dojo (SMD) was founded on traditional teachings as interpreted by Michael J. LaMonica, Soke of Hakko Denshin Ryu Ju Jutsu. The Shihans and instructors of SMD are stewards of the art, passing their knowledge forward as it was passed on to them, maintaining consistency and modeling high standards in professional conduct. SMD instructors create a supporting learning environment where students can grow in their understanding of this traditional Japanese martial art’s principles and concepts and how to apply them in our modern day society.

We pride ourselves on our traditional roots while still offering self-defense that is practical for today’s society.