Test Dates

Reminder to Students

Please remember that you need to advise your instructor, of your intention to test, at least one month prior to the test date. You must be a member of the HDJJF, have a white Gi, have a Shodan Training Manual, and know your techniques and etiquette for the level testing. The minimum attendance of 80% for the two months prior to testing is strictly enforced to ensure consistent training and preparation. Depending on the rank a student is testing for, a written essay or exam is required prior to the physical testing.  All test fees must be paid in advance of the test date.

2017 Testing Dates

Wednesday March 1, 2017: Testing at SMD London / BMS Fitness location.  Completed: Congratulations to Mike P. on his promotion to Gokyu and to Bill B. on his promotion to Rokkyu!  Hard work pays off!

Another test date will be set in the late spring, pending student development and readiness …

In traditional martial arts, it is the students’ responsibility to prepare and train consistently … not just when a test date is set.  Student attendance at regular classes and extra workshops dramatically improve their skills.  There are no short cuts …. just mat time with the right attitude!

Test dates are subject to change depending on students’ preparedness. Alternative test dates may be set up if students are prepared and advance quicker than anticipated. If you work hard and get ready, the Instructors will set a date!