Shiatsu Massage Therapy

The word “SHIATSU”, composed of the elements SHI (finger) and ATSU (pressure), means a method of treating illness with digital compression. Shiatsu is a treatment in which thumbs are used to apply pressure to certain points in order to correct irregularities of the body, maintain and improve health and contribute to the cure of certain illnesses.

Principle Effects

Koho Shiatsu, which is the style that Soke Okuyama developed and taught, creates three principle effects:

  1. Indirect Reaction Cure- This effect is gained by applying shiatsu to areas different from the injured part. It is accomplished by using a system of numbered bands of which the body is divided into. For example, if an area on the body with a number of 4 is injured, shiatsu would be applied to all other areas of the body that are also designated as 4.
  2. Chemical Reaction Cure- This effect is used to combat sudden illness or injury. Shiatsu is given around the injured part. It is very similar to simply rubbing a bruised area.
  3. Refreshing Effect- This effect is used to rid a person of exhaustion. Shiatsu is applied along a system of meridians that run throughout a person’s body.

Co-operation and communication with your partner is very important. You may start to feel a small amount of discomfort when pressure is applied to certain meridians. It is important to relax and take as much pressure as you can without tensing. Let your partner be aware when the pressure is too much for you.

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