“No challenge, no resistance, no injury…”


The Japanese word “Ju” can be translated to meaning gentle, soft, yielding and other similar words. Hakko Denshin Ryu stylists learn to yield to the strength of attackers.

Right from the very beginning, students are taught to abandon their physical strength. If a student abandons their strength, they naturally yield to the strength of an attacker. This philosophy also applies when applying techniques to uke. If a student resorts to strength in order to accomplish a technique, then they are doing the technique incorrectly. It is not necessary to be strong to use Hakko Denshin Ryu techniques effectively. This is what distinguishes it from many other budo styles. Many harder styles require extensive training to master tricky movements, that require great strength and skill. Hakko Denshin Ryu uses natural body movements that don’t require any extra training; therefore techniques can be learned very quickly by anybody.

No Injury

Just about everyone can name dozens of ways to defend themselves using techniques that can cause serious injury or even kill their attacker. Techniques such as elbow strikes, knees, strikes to the temple, throat, groin and numerous other vital points are very common knowledge both inside and out of the martial arts community. On the other hand, not very many people can name ways to effectively defend themselves from an attacker without causing any injury to him. Hakko Denshin Ryu techniques are specifically designed to enable people to defend without causing injury.

No Competition

Because Hakko Denshin Ryu techniques are purely defensive, students are not taught to attack. Although students will learn to strike, they will be used primarily as distractions in order to accomplish a technique. Only in the most extreme circumstances would a Hakko Denshin Ryu stylist have to resort to causing serious harm to an attacker. That is the beauty of this art. While very gentle, if the need arises, students can immobilize an attacker instantly with a devastating technique.

Because of the defensive nature of Hakko Denshin Ryu, the techniques are not used in any form of competitive sport. Remember, it is a style of self defense.

Since there is no injury delivered to attackers when applying Hakko Denshin Ryu techniques, it is a very safe art to study. Chances of injury in the dojo are slim because you are not taught how to harm your uke but rather how to control him without injury.