Specialized Courses Overview

A common term used is “self-defense”, however we believe that awareness is equally as important. We focus on situational awareness and personal safety, as well as the use of efficient and justifiable self-defense.

The first part of the class typically covers awareness theory and written safety exercises. The second part of the class provides self-defense techniques that almost anyone can use effectively and safely, to escape from a variety of situations.

Our A&D courses are designed for delivery in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the individuals or group. Typically courses require approximately 8 – 10 hours however, we can accommodate a variety of schedules to customize a solution to meet your needs.

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The Basic Shiatsu course requires approximately 10 -12 hours and is typically held on a Friday evening and all day Saturday.

Shihan Ken Hoggart delivers the course and is certified through the Ko Ko Do Shiatsu Clinic, based in Omiya City, Japan.

This is a basic course in Shiatsu Medicine, where each person will have a partner and will trade off periodically as all the points on the body will be discussed.

A Basic Shiatsu manual will be included for first time participants who attend the complete course.

Students will get an insight into what Shiatsu entails and how it can help you manage and prevent minor illnesses and fatigue. Anyone who completes the entire course will get a certificate recognizing their completion of the “Basic Shiatsu Course” which states that they have shown an understanding in its practice.

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The instructors of Shining Mountain Dojo are excited to provide our very popular KIDS STREET PROOFING Course.

Our program will help children develop your child’s street proofing skills and general awareness. The training course is split approximately 50/50 between theory and practical instruction in a fun and safe environment. The primary focus is on situational awareness, recognition, prevention, and escaping a confrontation, bullying or potential abduction. The course is taught in a traditional martial arts atmosphere in an effort to ensure mutual respect, discipline and an understanding of the material as well as the self-defense techniques being shared.

Ken Hoggart is the President of Universal Training Solutions (UTS), and provides training throughout North America.

Universal Training Solutions provides training in a variety of sectors such as:

  • Law Enforcement, Security, and Investigations
  • Close Protection / Executive Protection / Bodyguard
  • Loss Prevention / Asset Protection
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Traveling Relief effort workers
  • Private Corporations

Universal Training Solutions provides management and consulting services:

  • Security Vulnerability
  • Threat Assessments & Advances
  • Close Protection / Executive Protection
  • Security and Investigations Management for special events and festivals

For more information or details visit the UTS website.


“The team of instructors at Universal Training Solutions, led by Ken Hoggart, have many years of experience training law enforcement officers in subject compliance and control tactics. They understand how public perceptions of police tactics have changed over time and provide expert instruction in humane, but very efficient, control tactics. Since the UTS team has started training my staff of sworn officers, use of force reports and public complaints have dropped substantially.”
“This should be taught in the school system”
“My son shows more respect now for everyone”
“Good wholesome information in a way kids can relate”